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Little Giants Nursery School

A Little Background History…

Little Giants Nursery School is owned and managed by Lynnette Kourie.  I have always been in the corporate world and enjoyed a long and successful career in the sales and marketing fields.

I am very happily married to my best friend and a man that supports me in everything that I do.  Together we have four grown up children and three grandchildren.

Working with and loving small children, has been a lifelong dream.  The time finally arrived for me to give up the glamour world and exchange it for shorts, t-shirts and slops.

About Little Giants Nursery School

Little Giants Nursery School was established in 2010 and opened its doors for the
first time on 3rd May 2010.

We started our very first day with only four children, a kitchen lady and myself.

We prayed about our school and within four months, we are proud to say, our school was full.  We now are proud to have one hundred and fifty children enrolled at the school with a staff compliment of twenty seven, who are employed on a full time basis.

We also employ students who are currently studying in the field of pre-primary teaching, who assist our teachers on a regular and ongoing basis, and so in turn, give the students a chance to do their practical experience with us and gain knowledge and experience, all at the same time.  

This in turn helps our school so that we can give our staff a few days of well deserved rest during the school holidays, on a rotational basis.  The children are therefore not disrupted as they are familiar and comfortable with the students.

Our Mission…

Little Giants Nursery School enjoys the parents adopting a “join hands” approach to fostering a relationship of trust, care and commitment together with our team of professional staff.

This is where each and every child can enjoy a stimulating, safe and secure environment while the child experiences many opportunities to learn, through exploratory play.  We must remember, that although we are here to teach these little children, we must never take the play aspect out of teaching.

Our children are like sponges and absorb everything they collect from all their senses, and it is our duty to raise a good, well balanced future generation adult.

Therefore we are here to guide and support your most prized possession into self confident and happy future generation children who will be fully equipped to face future challenges responsibly.

Health and Safety…

Our school is proud to advise that we received our “Health Certificate” from the Tshwane Council within the first three months of operation, and is continually monitored by them to maintain our high standard of cleanliness throughout our school and kitchen.

This certificate is proudly displayed outside the main office.  

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Our school accommodates children from as young as 6 weeks old, and goes all the way to what is now known as Grade 0.
This is what we like to call the Foundation Phase of your Child as he/she will be with us for as long as seven years.

Classes and Age Groups

Our school consists of ten classes, where children are divided into their own age groups.  This will allow the children to make friends at a very young age and keep these friends throughout their nursery school years, and even onto primary and high school, should they attend the same school in the same area.  This in turn builds lifelong friendships.

Operating Hours

Our school is open from Monday to Friday.  Our operating hours are from 6H30 in the mornings and close at 17H45 daily.  Our school remains open throughout the year, except for the December period where we close in conjunction with the Gauteng government schools.    Our school is closed only on weekends and public holidays.  

We remain open for the rest of the school holidays and then run a holiday program, giving our children a rest from their learning routine.