Where Little Giants Grow and Shine!

About Little Giants Nursery School

Little Giants Nursery School is dedicated to nurturing holistic development in children from as young as 6 weeks old up to Grade 0. Our Foundation Phase spans seven years, providing a solid educational groundwork for each child's future success.

Growing Dreams, Nurturing Hearts: Little Giants Nursery School

Our Curriculum Approach

We believe in catering to the individual needs and interests of each child. Our curriculum focuses on key skill development including language, literacy, numeracy, social-emotional skills, creativity, and physical development. Through structured activities, play-based learning, and hands-on experiences, we inspire a lifelong love for learning.

Classes, Age Groups, and Operating Hours

With ten classes tailored to specific age groups, children have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships from a young age. Our school operates Monday to Friday from 6:30 AM to 5:45 PM, year-round, offering a holiday program during breaks. Closed only on weekends and public holidays, we ensure a consistent and enriching learning environment