Our school accommodates children from as young as 6 weeks old, and goes all the way to what is now known as Grade 0.
This is what we like to call the Foundation Phase of your Child as he/she will be with us for as long as seven years.

Classes and Age Groups

Our school consists of ten classes, where children are divided into their own age groups. This will allow the children to make friends at a very young age and keep these friends throughout their nursery school years, and even onto primary and high school, should they attend the same school in the same area. This in turn builds lifelong friendships.

Operating Hours

Our school is open from Monday to Friday. Our operating hours are from 6H30 in the mornings and close at 17H45 daily. Our school remains open throughout the year, except for the December period where we close in conjunction with the Gauteng government schools. Our school is closed only on weekends and public holidays.

We remain open for the rest of the school holidays and then run a holiday program, giving our children a rest from their learning routine.